Una novia para el italiano (Bianca) (Spanish Edition)

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I started reading my ebook galley as soon as I was approved. Search this site. Acuario PDF Download. Rodroguez PDF ePub. PDF Download. Divorciada PDF ePub. Donde No Esten Ustedes. PDF Online. Download Diario De Un E-mail. El Amor Lo Puede Todo? PDF Free. Download Lecciones De Amor. El Beso: Camille Claudel. Una Mujer PDF complete. El Club De Los Aventureros. El Precursor El Principe Y El Canalla PDF Kindle. Hielo Y Fuego. Seems like admins didn't think the same. Until recently I had an account under the pen name "Gabylor" but Fanfiction closed it for its contents.

In that other account I had 5 mini-fics of my property and more than fifty adaptations for Twilight. Thank you, dear, admins will love to hear about how you opened another account to continue infringing after being banned. I don't care how may accounts are opened, I'll report as many as I need until you stop transcribing novels. Admins didn't like her evading her ban and posting copyrighted novels again.

Una novia para el italiano (Bianca) (Spanish Edition)

Hope she's learned her lesson this time. Quiero decirte que en el fondo No te quiero. No, noo, noooo! How are you, scum?

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It's me, Gabylor. I just wanted to tell you that Well, thank you for reporting me. They closed my new account, but ghess what?

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Brace yourself, you are going to have plenty of job with me. Only because of you, I'll open a new account tomorrow. I wanted to tell you that dep down I don't like you. Well, there are people who don't know when to stop. And there are people who don't understand that admins banned them for a reason. She's one of them. Nice to se how her insults backfires on her. She's back. Why doesn't she realise she's fighting a lost battle?

Admins just will keep banning her account again and again.

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She had some original fics in her first account. Why can't she just post her originals? Seems like she's blocked me. Do it if you feel safer that way, I don't mind.

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It's not like a block keeps me from reporting her. Still does not matter, still plagiarism, still harms the author's income and still against the rules. This novel is on Google Books, if you wanted to advertise it so badly, why don't you give the link to google books so that everyone can have a look at the free preview and decide if they are interested in buying it, or the ebook version? They can even imagine the character names are Edward and Bella if they're so desperate about reading the Twilight version.

I must have been a very good boy last year, because the Biblical Magi have left me a present at Zack's house. On the other hand, this user must have been a naughty girl, because she got FFN coal: a ban. In the Spanish tradition, it's the Biblical Magi who bring good children presents, on January 6th, while naughty children receive coal. Story 1 of 2, posted on Jun : Una novia para el italiano [ Mobile link : Una novia para el italiano ].

Original Source : Una novia para el italiano. I think it's her own writing. A story with the same title appears on the template for the original account, and has no matches associated. As for the note, mistaking her for others? Persecutory delusion? What on Earth is she talking about? Story Story Writer Forum Community. The Anti-Plagiarism Investigation Reports. New Follow Forum Follow Topic. All forum posts must be suitable for teens. The owner and moderators of this forum are solely responsible for the content posted within this area. All forum abuse must be reported to the moderators.

Terms of Service. NSFW Original: books. Story: La amante del conde, SID Story: Cadenas de diamantes, SID Jeremy Hillary Boob Got this gem of a PM from suspect a few hours ago: Me encanta que gentuza como tu se dedique a pasearse por los fandoms reportando las historias que te parecen demasiado buenas y desgraciadamente no son de tu propiedad. Mientras dejes claro que la historia pertenece a alguien mas, y que solo juegas con los personajes a tu gusto, no lo es.

Gracias por reportar!

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  • If you don't know what an adaptation is, I'll explain it to you. Have you understood or do I have to draw a map? Thanks for reporting! Mkis Jeremy, the template added. Jeremy Hillary Boob Thank you, Mkis. And also thanks to Rogue for adding some of them. I told her why she was plagiarising and why she was transcribing rather than adapting, and she said: Toda esa biblia en verso me parece muy bien.

    Demuestra que sabes escribir con coherencia.

    Una novia para el italiano (Bianca) (Spanish Edition) Una novia para el italiano (Bianca) (Spanish Edition)
    Una novia para el italiano (Bianca) (Spanish Edition) Una novia para el italiano (Bianca) (Spanish Edition)
    Una novia para el italiano (Bianca) (Spanish Edition) Una novia para el italiano (Bianca) (Spanish Edition)
    Una novia para el italiano (Bianca) (Spanish Edition) Una novia para el italiano (Bianca) (Spanish Edition)
    Una novia para el italiano (Bianca) (Spanish Edition) Una novia para el italiano (Bianca) (Spanish Edition)
    Una novia para el italiano (Bianca) (Spanish Edition) Una novia para el italiano (Bianca) (Spanish Edition)
    Una novia para el italiano (Bianca) (Spanish Edition) Una novia para el italiano (Bianca) (Spanish Edition)

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