The Healing Power of Water

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Perhaps the effect is slower to arrive, or slower to manifest into some kind of physical change, or both. When reciting their incantation over a physical agent like a liquid for drinking or a plant for rubbing on the person, the Desana claim that the cure is faster acting, more penetrating, has more materiality and permanence, though it not as precise. If Dr. Masaru Emoto is right then we are very likely accidentally affecting the environment around us with our thoughts and feelings every where we go, every single day — and water seems to be particularly conductive and sensitive to the emanations of our consciousness.

If we wish to more actively affect the quality of the water around us the following lessons can be learned from the kubu of the Desana tribe. What we can do however is examine the qualities that they are trying to cultivate while they are learning the incantations of their ancestral line. There is a depth to the type of listening that they are trying to cultivate. Their term for intelligence is partly derived from a word that means: to listen, to hear, to comprehend, to understand, to know.

Indigenous Australians, Kalahari Bushmen in Africa, Apache Indians, Indigenous Hawaiians and many more traditional cultures place a profound level of focus on deep listening to nature. This could explain why deep listening allows for more powerful incantations as the person is able to call on the aspects of nature he has formed strong threads or even ropes of connection with.

Another aspect of gaining knowledge and the ability to focus and transfer intention powerfully and accurately is the practice of purification and fasting. Purification through emetic plant purges apparently removes blockages preventing knowledge from coming in. For you with your tape recorder and notebooks, it is easy to learn this incantation. For me it was very difficult. I had to fast and remain awake all night to learn it. One of the fundamental methods of shamanic training in the Amazon is the practice of self imposing strict limitations on diet and spending time in isolation in the forest, listening for the songs of the plants that one is trying to establish relationships with.

Perhaps it is the mental and physical discipline gained from fasting that hones the ability to focus intention in a powerful way, however the deepest lessons come from actually doing the practice yourself and receiving knowledge and experience directly. If you choose to explore fasting, please do extensive research and proceed with care. Getting a checkup and speaking to your physician is advised before exploring this path.

Whether you believe fully in the possibilities outlined in this article or whether you are a more sceptical, it can be helpful to remember that in recent studies science has found that even when a person knows they are receiving a placebo it is still effective in a statistically significant way. So the next time you sit down to eat a meal, think of all the cultures that give gratitude for their meals and consider that almost every piece of food you are likely to eat contains water.

What would the image look like if Dr Emoto took a picture of the water in that food now charged with gratitude? What would the image look like of the water in our body that had come into contact with this water from our gratitude charged food? Remember also that water has also been observed by eastern traditions as perhaps the best example of being able to adapt and change to any situation. Conductivity and adaptability. We may not be masters of encoding water with intention like the Desana, or masters of focus like buddhist monk, but what we lack in depth of focus we may be able to make up for with sheer volume of people.

It has been shown that water is responsive to the power of intention.

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So, we always ask ourselves before choosing a new water: is it a good match with our portfolio? And also: Does it create some sort of excitement? Dehydration leads to serious health issues and can creep up on our us if we are not careful. Water has three main purposes in the body:. It is important to drink sufficiently and evenly throughout the day because otherwise bodily functions would be limited and mental performance could decrease. The amount of water a person ordinarily consumes is about ml daily.

Another part of overall water intake comes from foods with a high-water content ml. Generally, in summer water loss through sweating is elevated.

Healing Power of Water

It is so important to keep replacing this and be mindful that even more water vanishes when we exercise or move around in hot climates. There is an increased need for to keep magnesium levels up if pursuing sweat-inducing activity. It also helps with processing protein-rich food and alcohol, combatting stress, and dealing with hot climates.

Magnesium plays an important role in neuromuscular transmission and muscle contraction. It regulates the stability and excitability of the cell membranes as well as the autonomic nervous system and the heart. Magnesium deficiency can cause muscle problems such as cramping and tension, nervousness, irritability, lack of concentration or dizziness. There is also the risk of cardiac arrhythmias, headache and abdominal pain, premature fatigue, and a reduced ability to cope with stress. It's good for vegans, people with lactose intolerance and also keeps teeth and bones stable prevents osteoporosis.

Calcium also plays an important role in blood clotting, in the transmission of nerve impulses to the muscles, in the stabilization of the heartbeat and in the activation of hormones and enzymes. Saline and especially animal egg white increase the calcium excretion via the kidneys. A very meaty diet can therefore lead to calcium deficiency. This shows itself in muscle cramps, seizures and sensory disturbances. Good for sweaty activities.

Over a lifetime, these levels can reach high proportions… decreasing bone density and causing brittleness. For a nation whose women have epidemic proportions of osteopenia and osteoporosis, it would be counter productive to continue to drink fluoride on a daily basis… and then use even more Rx to combat the osteoporosis that develops later in life. Studies have shown that the rate of hip fracture in elderly is directly increased in areas that fluoridate their water. Plants store fluoride found naturally in the earth AND from the water used to irrigate crops. Yep, even organic crops have fluoride in them from the irrigation water.

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Statements from reps of the National Institutes of Health recommend that people who drink large quantities of water should not drink tap water, but instead switch to bottled water. We are just getting so much exposure to fluoride, to intentionally consume extra fluoride, whether through drinking water or toothpaste, is way too much. Your skin absorbs fluoride as well, so even when you are showering or taking a bath, you are absorbing fluoride.

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And now? In addition to bone uptake? Now the new problem is we know fluoride is being taken up by our cardiovascular system as well. A study published in the journal Nuclear Medicine Communications definitively proved that fluoride is absorbed into your vascular system. Direct absorption to of fluoride into our cardiovascular walls and a significant correlation between cardiovascular events and fluoride uptake makes it all the more urgent for us to avoid fluoride all together.

And now new reports are revealing something even more disturbing, if you can believe it — fluoride lowers IQ. And affect their still-developing brain? This has really helped me to remember to maintain my hydration status.

For a small fraction of the cost of a home water filter, when you are on the go, at work, at the gym, or just dining out at a restaurant for a meal, you can still filter fluoride out of your glass of water totally discreetly using this fluoride water filter in a straw! Or, if you prefer, a fluoride filtering sports bottle to take your own water with you. Yes, absolutely I feel that a fluoride filter to remove fluoride from your drinking water as well as not using fluoridated toothpaste is worth the it for the long term health of your heart, your bones, and all the organs in between!

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It's as though you offer a clear, clean, unencumbered invitation, a calling forth to wellness, an invitation to my Truest Self to get onboard. I believe love is its own vibratory frequency and you ride that frequency. From you I feel an unpressured invitation from Love to Love. I really appreciate what you are doing and being.

She presented me with her understanding of not only my physical issues but the most amazing way of looking at how my energy and my habitual way of thinking about those issues could be holding me back from peace and healing. I really am overwhelmed how, in just a few short bits of conversation, you were able to explain all this in a way that seems so logical not only from the medical side, but also how our bodies are so intertwined with the spirtual and emotional parts of our being as well!

The Healing Power of Water The Healing Power of Water
The Healing Power of Water The Healing Power of Water
The Healing Power of Water The Healing Power of Water
The Healing Power of Water The Healing Power of Water
The Healing Power of Water The Healing Power of Water
The Healing Power of Water The Healing Power of Water
The Healing Power of Water The Healing Power of Water

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