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When Robb and Jon were three years old, Catelyn and Ned had a daughter Sansa , followed by Arya two years later, then Bran, and lastly Rickon, the youngest child. Ned had also a sept built in Winterfell with a septon of the Seven Chayle for Catelyn's religion. Catelyn's sister Lysa came to visit Winterfell a few times, where she met Catelyn's children Robb, Sansa, and a very young Arya. In the years prior to the main story, Lysa and Catelyn did not see one another again due to Lysa having to stay with her new and only living son Robert "Sweetrobin" Arryn, named after King Robert, at King's Landing.

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The birth of Sweetrobin changed Catelyn's sister. Hoster and Edmure could never visit Winterfell, but they would always write to Catelyn and her family. She watches as her son Robb dances with several of the Frey maids while her brother Edmure dotes on his betrothed, Roslin, whose eyes are red from crying. Catelyn becomes warier when she learns that Olyvar, Perwyn, and Alesander Frey, Robb's friends, are not in attendance at the wedding. Robb does not participate as the Greatjon carries a weeping Roslin to the bedchamber. None of the other northerners and rivermen seem to notice anything wrong but Catelyn experiences increasing anxiety.

She is horrified when the musicians start to play "The Rains of Castamere", the song of the Lannisters' victory of the Reyne-Tarbeck Rebellion. The musicians are revealed to be sellswords and knights, and the song is a signal for the two twin castles and the camps outside. Most of Robb's men are too drunk to fight. Things grow more ominous in the hall: Dacey Mormont asks Edwyn Frey for a dance, but he violently pushes her away.

Angry, Catelyn grabs Edwyn and feels the rings of chain mail beneath his clothes.

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Suddenly, she realizes what has been happening, from the friendly Freys missing from the wedding to Roslin Frey crying all throughout the celebration. The musicians are also crossbowmen. The wedding turns into a bloody slaughter. Robb is wounded by crossbow bolts, and the Frey and Bolton men turn on Robb's men.

Outside the tents are collapsed and set aflame. In the main hall, Catelyn sees the Smalljon Umber protecting himself from the bolts. Robin Flint is surrounded and killed by Freys with daggers, and Ser Wendel Manderly is felled by a quarrel through the mouth. Smalljon bludgeons Ser Raymund Frey across the face with a leg of mutton, but when he reaches for his swordbelt, a crossbow bolt drives him to his knees. Lucas Blackwood is cut down by Ser Hosteen Frey. Crossbows take Donnel Locke, Owen Norrey, and half a dozen more.

Young Ser Benfrey Frey seizes Dacey Mormont by the arm, who smashes him in the face with a wine flagon. She runs for the door, but Ser Ryman Frey comes through with Frey men-at-arms and sinks his axe into Dacey's stomach. Northmen begin pouring through the other door, and Catelyn believes they are there to rescue them for half a heartbeat until one of them decapitates Smalljon. Desperate, Catelyn sees a dagger and takes it to kill Lord Walder, until she sees that Robb is still alive, with three arrows in his body.

Walder Frey watches with amusement and greed as he orders the music to stop. In an effort to save her son, Catelyn cries and begs Walder to trade Robb for Jinglebell, a son for a son. Walder simply replies that Jinglebell is just a grandson and was never much use. Roose Bolton appears and thrusts his longsword through Robb's heart, after saying: " Jaime Lannister sends his regards", humiliating Catelyn, who had trusted the knight.

Catelyn doesn't recognize the man who killed Robb, but keeps her promise and cuts Jinglebell's throat. Having just witnessed the murder of her firstborn, Catelyn screams as she claws her own face with her nails in madness. Walder meant to keep Catelyn as a hostage along with her brother Edmure, to force the river lords to bend the knee to King Joffrey , but with her dangerous madness, Raymund Frey appears, grabs Catelyn by her hair, and cuts her throat. No definitive count of the massacre is known; most of the northmen are killed while House Frey loses only approximately fifty men in the camps.

The Freys kill Robb's direwolf, Grey Wind, who was locked because he was aggressive with the Freys since Robb and his army arrived at the Twins.

Catelyn's Dark Side: What Game of Thrones Will NEVER Show You! - A Song of Ice and Fire (End Game)

Ser Benfrey Frey dies of a wound. After the battle, the Freys hack and mutilate Robb's body and cut off his head along with that of Grey Wind, Robb's direwolf. In a mockery of Robb's relationship with his direwolf, the Freys sew Grey Wind's head onto Robb's decapitated body and place his bronze crown atop the direwolf's head. Catelyn's body is later thrown naked into the river in a mockery of the House Tully funeral customs. After Lord Edmure had consummated his marriage with Roslin, he's thrown into the dungeons, while Roslin has fallen in love with him.

Catelyn's mutilated body emerges as a vengeful undead person. She becomes known as Lady Stoneheart , and assumes leadership of the Brotherhood. Death has changed Catelyn. She is less gracious and forgiving than in life and is consumed with a desire for vengeance on anyone she thinks betrayed her and her son, Robb. She is mercilessly hunting down and hanging anyone she considers a Lannister collaborator. She hangs any men associated with the Freys, Boltons, or Lannisters, even if they had nothing to do with the "Red Wedding" or if they are boys, as is the case of Podrick Payne. Her appearance has been altered as well, with her flesh becoming soft and the color of curdled milk due to her corpse being submerged in river water for days.

Half of her hair is gone and the rest is white and brittle.

Arya Stark is our new Lady Stoneheart in 'Game of Thrones' Season 7

In addition, her wounds have not healed, with her face covered in scratch marks and her throat still slit open. To speak, she must cover the wound on her throat; even then, she is difficult to understand. The Brotherhood capture one of Walder Frey's great-grandsons, Petyr Frey, and demand a hundred dragons. However, by the time he arrived, Petyr has already been hanged.

Merrett is told the same fate awaits him, despite his attempts to justify the Red Wedding. He claims he only drank at the wedding, that Beric always gives a man a trial, and they have no witnesses. However, Stoneheart reveals herself and claims he was part of the Red Wedding, at which Merrett is hanged. A cloaked and hooded woman is spoken of in the vicinity of Fairmarket and Hag's Mire. There are also tales from the people of the riverlands of a woman called Stoneheart leading a band of outlaws different from Beric's Brotherhood. According to one story, this woman was hanged by Freys but revived by her lover Beric, and now the two lovers cannot die.

Members of the Brotherhood, including Lem and Ser Gendry , come upon a small party led by Brienne of Tarth, who informs them she is searching for Sansa Stark at the behest of Jaime Lannister. Thoros of Myr reveals to Brienne that Beric's old Brotherhood has been broken. Brienne is horrified when the leading hooded woman reveals herself to be Catelyn Stark, or at least what remains of her. Lady Stoneheart is almost impossible to understand and uses her former guardsman of Winterfell, Harwin, as her interpreter.

Stoneheart believes that Brienne has turned traitor, as she carries Oathkeeper, a Lannister sword forged from the Stark Valyrian steel blade, Ice, Ned's own steel. Brienne insists that she is still faithful to her promise made in the past, but Stoneheart threatens to hang Brienne, Pod, and Hyle, unless Brienne proves her loyalty by killing Jaime.

Brienne refuses and states that Jaime has changed now. Stoneheart won't have any of it: Brienne must choose, either kill Jaime or be hanged at this very moment.

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Brienne refuses to make a choice, and "the thing that had once been Catelyn Stark" has Brienne, Pod, and Hyle hanged. Just before they die, however, Brienne shouts out a word. It is implied Stoneheart hanged Walder Frey's grandson, Ser Ryman Frey , heir to the Twins, along with his whore, and the three Knights and 12 men-at-arms accompanying him.

Ryman had Robb's crown at Riverrun and gave it to his whore, but later Stoneheart is shown to possess it when she meets Brienne and her friends. Later she killed all male family members of House Frey during a great feast at the Twins, though no male children are seen during the event and it is unknown if Freys who live out of the Twins Frey squires and knights under other lords, septons, and maesters were invited as well.

This differs from the book version where Arya actually wants only the names of the guilty Frey members because she doesn't want to kill innocents for the sins of the other relatives though in the TV version, all those poisoned Freys seems to be the guilty ones. She also personally knew the boy and her former betrothed Elmar Frey. Arya's storyline in the novels is not just a revenge plot, also focusing on the drama of her losing her identity, past, and family in the hopes of getting revenge and by doing so ending up recruited to the Faceless Men.

And 35 days after that, Thrones will end. In less time than it seemingly took Littlefinger to zip around to every corner of Westeros, showrunners David Benioff and D. Weiss will deliver a conclusion to the story George R. Who will die? Separate from those series-shaping questions are countless smaller but still crucial details that the show may or may not explore in the final season.

In the books, as in the show, Catelyn Stark perished at the Twins with her son and numerous other Stark supporters at the Red Wedding. House Frey was sworn to the Tullys of Riverrun.

Walder Frey, the Lord of the Crossing, had long resented the relationship. She had been dead for a day and a night when, in a perversion of the Tully funeral rites, the Freys stripped her body naked and dumped her into the Green Fork of the Trident River.

Why 'Game of Thrones' Fans Are Hopeful That Catelyn Stark Will Return as Lady Stoneheart After All

Arya, like the rest of her siblings, has a talent for warging and, despite being separated from Nymeria for years, still shares a magical connection with the animal, which manifests when Arya is asleep. The direwolf was stalking the banks of the Green Fork. Her pack was there, too, feasting on the corpses of the Stark loyalists choking the shallows. Thoros, the Red Priest, refused to give Cat the kiss of life, saying that she had been dead too long. In his place, Lady Stoneheart rose. By the end of that season, House Stark had, for all intents and purposes, been eliminated as a force in the realm.

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