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1. Your boobs are lumpy.

One of the main objectives when removing the existing lawn area is to find a ground level that is sufficiently firm and well-draining upon which to build a base for your artificial turf. Grass and topsoil form a spongy ground layer and this is not adequate for the uniform support of synthetic turf.

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It may even mean digging deep holes in some areas until you find that level. It is not sufficient in most circumstances just to skim the very top layer of grass and topsoil. Also related to this same point — if artificial grass is laid over real grass, twigs, plants or other similar organic material the grass will become uneven as the organic material decomposes at different rates. It is essential to remove all of this type of organic material during the installation process.

Base construction can vary from contractor to contractor but there are a few key characteristics you need from a good artificial grass base:. This base construction will provide everything you need for a lawn that drains well, never loses shape and is forgiving enough to absorb the impact of a fall. A note about sand.

How do I flatten my lumpy lawn?

Many installers recommend sand as a final base layer for artificial grass. Bulbs are stores of energy waiting to burst out of the ground at the first opportune moment. Bulbs can create monstrously alien looking formations underneath artificial grass. Artificial grass can actually even aid and speed up the growth of bulbs by providing ground insulation!

The key thing to remember here is to make sure the ground where you are going to install your artificial lawn is free from plant bulbs.

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This is especially relevant if the new artificial lawn area is going to go over previous planting areas such as flower beds. The main thing to look for is a dedication to quality, comprehensive knowledge and evidence of experience doing similar work. A contractor should perform a full survey of your garden before they can tell you exactly how they are going to do the work. Avoid making decisions based purely on price — poor quality artificial lawns are a cost and a constant disappointment.

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Good quality artificial lawns are an investment and will be enjoyed for many years. If price is your key qualifier compare written quotes like for like to determine true value for money.

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We are an independent family business dedicated to excellence in artificial grass. Through our blog we aim to give buyers of artificial grass all the tools they need to make good purchasing decisions when buying artificial grass product and services. Follow the Turf King blog for regular updates.

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This will ultimately depend on the final intended ground level of the new lawn. Exact base construction and depth will depend on the existing ground conditions. Providing the grass is short an existing lawn can be firmed up with 75mm DTp1 compacted directly into the lawn and topsoil before installing a ground stabilising geotextile and building the new base accordingly. In , small cheese clumps were found scattered around the neck of a 3,year-old mummified body uncovered at the Xiaohe burial site in Xinjiang, western China.

Liu, Y. Other excavations have revealed the remnants of cheesemaking equipment, but not the foodstuff itself, which had long since decayed. One paper described how fragments of 7,year-old pottery found in Poland were once used as ancient cheese strainers, used to make a kind of primitive cottage cheese. The bug causes brucellosis , a nasty strain of food poisoning that can be passed from animals to humans.

The discovery of the bacteria made the find all the more exciting for archaeologists—even if it makes the cheese itself an even more unappetizing prospect. But if you see something that doesn't look right, click here to contact us! Twice a week we compile our most fascinating features and deliver them straight to you.

This Day In History. It's claimed to be the oldest solid cheese ever found—and it contains bacteria that would have made ancient Egyptians sick.

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Lumpys Gone Away Lumpys Gone Away
Lumpys Gone Away Lumpys Gone Away
Lumpys Gone Away Lumpys Gone Away
Lumpys Gone Away Lumpys Gone Away
Lumpys Gone Away Lumpys Gone Away
Lumpys Gone Away Lumpys Gone Away
Lumpys Gone Away Lumpys Gone Away
Lumpys Gone Away Lumpys Gone Away

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