Improve Your Menu Engineering

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What is Menu Engineering

Edit or We are thrilled to announce that HotSchedules and Fourth have merged business operations. Our letter to customers details what the merger means for you. How can you measure the impact you and your team can make from the moment your guests look up your Maintain Compliance with Predictive Scheduling Laws Predictive scheduling laws are designed to help employees gain some predictability with their schedules, but the burden of logistics tends to fall on general managers. Search for:. Horeko Kitchen Manager does the hard work for you with the analysis menu engineering.

Menu Engineering: The Science of Optimizing Your Menu to Maximize Profit

Thanks to the integration with your POS, Horeko compares sales figures with the individual profit. The system makes an analysis with on the one side sales figures and on the other side profit per dish.

This way you can see the performances of your dishes in one overview. When you know how your dishes perform, you can take action. The analysis menu engineering puts the winners, the plowhorses, the dogs and the puzzles into one overview. Compare starters or deserts to each other or get an overview of your entire menu.

Menu Engineering: How to Create a Profitable Menu

Cherish your winners, they are good on profit and sales. No doubt they stay on the menu.

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Give them a push by recommending them to guests and get a direct increase in profit. Only when you know the individual performance of a dish, you can make the smart choices for your menu.

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And with a small adjustment in the recipe or sales price, you can push the profit of the plowhorses in the right direction. Just watch the effect happening in your graph. A menu with only winners is a fairytale. Some dishes are on your menu for reasons other than pure profit.

Improve Your Menu Engineering Improve Your Menu Engineering
Improve Your Menu Engineering Improve Your Menu Engineering
Improve Your Menu Engineering Improve Your Menu Engineering
Improve Your Menu Engineering Improve Your Menu Engineering
Improve Your Menu Engineering Improve Your Menu Engineering

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