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Know another quote from The Golden Girls?

5 Secret Criminal Uses for Stuff They Sell in Gas Stations

In lieu of anything resembling an official source to back up that statement, just enjoy this screenshot of Charlie from It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia putting a convenience store sock to its intended use. It looks about this terrifying in real life, too. Basically, desperate druggies empty the contents of a spray paint can into the sock, then inhale the fumes by placing their mouth and nose inside. That's why people who get arrested for huffing paint always have those embarrassing silver or gold faces for the record, those colors are thought to have more solvent, which makes for a "better" high -- they aren't just being fancy.

Gas Station Rose

Like this guy! Am I insane, or did he kind of look worse before he started huffing paint? Whatever the case, it's a safe bet that he's done a fair amount of his paint huffing through a sock, just like those you see for absolutely no other reason at your local convenience store. And they aren't the only footwear-related item that you'll find there for less than legal reasons.

Closing of explosion-damaged refinery could send gas prices higher just in time for July 4 holiday

Here's a fun thing to try. Walk out your door right now, with no prior planning, and go find somewhere other than a shoe store that will sell you a pair of shoelaces. It's going to be harder than you think, as this firsthand account of someone who unexpectedly had to do it in the Washington, D. That makes sense though, right? It's not like a shoelace emergency is a common thing. When was the last time you wore a pair of shoes long enough to snap a shoelace?

Still, you'd think plenty of stores would just stock them and keep them around in the event that someone ever needed to buy a pair.

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What's the harm in that? The problem with that logic is that it fails to take into account that the primary market for replacement shoelaces is, sadly, intravenous drug users. Shooting drugs into your veins requires you to tie off your arm, which makes veins bulge and therefore easier to find. Using a belt or some sort of elastic band is obviously an option, but lacking any of that, a shoelace is usually the method of choice.

That's why so many parent resource type sites point to loose shoestrings in pockets as one of the less obvious warning signs that a kid might be hitting the hard stuff. Getty Just like dreadlocks are a sure sign that your kid is an asshole. This presents a problem for retailers because, unless you're in a popular band, chances are you hit rock bottom right around the time you decided that injecting drugs directly into your bloodstream was the only way you could still get high.

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And hitting rock bottom is usually accompanied by a severe lack of available cash. If you've spent all of your money on heroin, but still have no way to tie your arm off, stealing a pair of shoelaces to finish the job is not a huge risk. Remember that display case picture from the previous entry? Here it is again, this time with the shoelaces highlighted. I wrote about a long time ago. If you doubt that laces are a highly shoplifted item, tell me why they're kept in a locked case with all of the other covert drug paraphernalia.

That's hard to explain away once you accept that the only people actively shopping for shoelaces anymore are those with severe drug problems. So, if you're ever out late one night and find yourself in need of a fresh pair of shoelaces, don't overreact and drive 75 miles to your nearest hour Foot Locker. Instead, just head to the neighborhood where you normally purchase your heroin and locate a convenience store. Hey, do you want to get high like your parents did in the '70s?

Find a convenience store and pick up a pack of whipped cream chargers, more popularly known as whip-its!

by White Rose Gas Station

You've likely seen these contraptions around at the occasional gas station and wondered why a box of devices used to make whipped cream cans work have any place among the racks of Cheetos and Snickers and such. Simple -- those little cartridges are filled with nitrous oxide. You might recognize that as the "laughing gas" you're sometimes given during particularly gnarly dental procedures.

Doing it in large quantities will get you high as shit, and that's why possessing it in large quantities is something only dentists and a few other select professionals are allowed to do. To get around that, it's sold in tiny quantities as a culinary tool, with most users opting to buy the party-in-a-bottle by the box or case. You can't freely buy a giant tank of nitrous oxide, but you can totally buy enough nitrous to fill one without much hassle.

As this story will attest , you can do so at your neighborhood convenience store, or even a market. Moira often pairs these grand displays with biting sarcasm, such as when she tells the motel clerk that all she needs in her room is a "bathtub and a long extension cord". To facilitate her over-the-top persona, Moira utilizes an indistinguishable accent and frequently peppers her vocabulary with arcane words like "frippet" and "pettifogging". O'Hara has received widespread praise for her work as Moira throughout the series. In an early review, Gillian Telling of People Magazine suggested that her portrayal on the series "might be her finest character work ever".

Michael Ausiello of TVLine noted that her work as Moira was "even more uproarious — and heartfelt — than the deafening buzz lets on".

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Gas Station Rose Gas Station Rose
Gas Station Rose Gas Station Rose
Gas Station Rose Gas Station Rose
Gas Station Rose Gas Station Rose
Gas Station Rose Gas Station Rose
Gas Station Rose Gas Station Rose

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