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Publisher's Description

Equipped with 60 minutes of oxygen you must enter the pyramid, complete his mission, and escape. Can you uncover the secrets of Abydos and find the 7 stone tablets? Or will you become the pyramids next victim?

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May be challenging for beginning adventurers. Room Story:.

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  5. You are part of a team of scientists working at Area 53, a top secret government facility on moon base Today is a day like any other, filled with classified information and security protocols. However, today is also the day that something goes horribly wrong. Shortly after finishing breakfast the alert sirens sound off and the station goes into lock-down.

    Mystery Tales: Art and Souls Collector’s Edition

    A hostile genetic experiment has just escaped containment in the Dark Sector, the sector of Area 53 where the most classified projects are kept. Everyone knows when Area 53 goes into lock-down that protocol 0 takes effect, AKA "nuclear sterilization. Lucky for you there are rumors of a top secret project nearing completion in the Dark Sector that can help do just that, but the lead scientist on the project Dr. Bishop has not been seen since the lock-down took effect. His disappearance may have something to do with the mutant monster that is ravaging Area You will have one hour to complete Dr.

    Bishop's advanced project, escape, and return to planet Earth. You are a Search Party trying to locate missing hikers. You come across a cabin. No one appears to be home and the door is unlocked. You and your group decide to go inside, suddenly the door locks behind you.

    As you start looking around, you realize this is no ordinary cabin. This is the cabin of the notorious cannibal, Chuck Ransom. His previous victims have left clues for you that will help you escape and unlock the door. You have one hour before Chuck gets back. Still in development! More information coming as soon as possible! This is meant to be a two-sided brochure so please follow your printer's settings in order to ensure proper alignment. Clicking on the escape room images above will also load a short video of each room.

    This is a perfect way for the office to get out for a high quality team building exercise and have fun. Contact us today via email, text, or phone. We can help tailor your experience to the amount of people you would like to have and help make your time with us more enjoyable! We have a large lobby that can accommodate multiple guests.

    Note : Children under the age of 16 must be accompanied by a paying adult in the escape rooms. You may also send text message questions to:.

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    Thursday: p. Sunday: p. If you have a large group or corporate event, we will be happy to offer weekday hours. Please contact us either by phone, text, or email. Here are a few frequently asked questions:. What is the pricing per person? Walk down, then forward. Solution B. Take device C.

    Walk right. Select any pictures H. HOP solution M. Solution O.

    Mystery Tales 12 – Art and Souls Collector’s Edition

    Select any cards U. Solution H : stop red lines inside target. Examine N. Examine O.

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    Examine P. Take RAG S. Use RAG U. Solution W : Ax2-B-A. Walk down, then right. Solution G. Take device. Solution Q. Enter Engine Room. Solution K. Go to Engine Room. Solution M.

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    Play HOP Q. Take device R. Solution F. Go right. Examine G. Solution H : align yellow cursors to take each object. Examine Go forward, then right. Walk down twice. Solution V. Go up. Walk right, then forward. Go forward. Walk forward, then right. Go Backstage. Solution P.

    Escape: Dark Mystery Tales Escape: Dark Mystery Tales
    Escape: Dark Mystery Tales Escape: Dark Mystery Tales
    Escape: Dark Mystery Tales Escape: Dark Mystery Tales
    Escape: Dark Mystery Tales Escape: Dark Mystery Tales
    Escape: Dark Mystery Tales Escape: Dark Mystery Tales
    Escape: Dark Mystery Tales Escape: Dark Mystery Tales
    Escape: Dark Mystery Tales Escape: Dark Mystery Tales

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